About Us


Sweet Green Apothecary (SGA) is the “new generation” of medical cannabis cooperative, founded on the Central Coast of California in 2015. Sweet Green is led by an experienced healthcare professional who utilizes the increasing amount of scientific literature and collaboration with expert physicians, to guide therapy and provide supportive care for a variety of cancers and serious health conditions, neurological diseases including seizure disorder, autoimmune, PTSD, ADHD and sleep disorder to name only a few. We are in the strictest compliance with California State and local laws governing the medical cannabis industry. We are not a storefront dispensary, however, operate as a delivery cooperative, while our headquarter location serves as corporate offices and a dispatch center for medicine delivery.

Our medicines are lab-tested, dosed, and packaged to serve the discriminating patient who requires unparalleled medicinal quality and service. Your health is our focus and we strive to tailor medicines to meet your specific needs. All employees are over the age of 21 years. To further illustrate the nature of SGA, it is our policy to not provide medicines to patients under the age of 21 years without a letter from their physician, indicating the specific condition(s) that requires cannabis treatment. In the medical cannabis industry diversion prevention is critical. In order to maintain tight controls on the cannabis, Sweet Green has licensed a state-of-the-art software system that tracks the medicine from seed through sale.  SGA has elected to pro-actively utilize this system to insure loss control and be an early adopter of the rigorous processes required for safe/secure handling and regulation of cannabis.